Investigator Extension - Basic User Manual

Version 0.6 20200308

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The Investigator is a Plyer Driven tool. It is designed to allow players to create a record of Clues that have been discovered and then as a party add additional information to that one record. You can store a large amount of detailed information about the clue including other links and full formatted text.

This is not intended as a GM tool. The interface options are geared around player usage.

Investigator | Using Investigator | Editing Graphics | Known Issues

Using Investigator

Download the extension from:

Copy the file to your Fantasy Grounds Data \extensions folder

When creating a campaign or loading a campaign you can select the Investigator extension

Activate the Investigator extension in your campaign by going to the Library and checking the extension.

The new Investigator campaign tool will appear in your side menu.

Clicking the campaign tool will launch the Investigator campaign list window.

When creating a new entry you will see the following window. Generally you will set your Clue to Public so that the other players can interact with yuor clue.

You can use all available text formatting options that Fantasy Grounds offers. You can also drag in links to other entries and other data types.

There is a small Chat Icon besides Description. Clicking this entry will send the data in Description to Chat. Most formatting is stripped due to Chat Window limitations.

Investigator links can be dragged to other data types that accept links inlcuding as Pins on Maps.

There is also an Edit buttn beside PC Notes that opens a new Window. Any player who has the Clue shared with them can use this to enter additional notes. This window accepts all Fantasy Grounds formatting including tables and links. The appended data is tagged with the characters name.

Investigator | Using Investigator | Editing Graphics | Known Issues

Editing Graphics

More information to come.

Investigator | Using Investigator | Editing Graphics | Known Issues

Known Issues

Known Issues as at 2020/03/08